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Library Tutorials
Destiny Library Manager Tutorial

Watch this tutorial and learn how to login and what the advantages are to being logged in to Destiny.

Student Library Assistants
Daily Attendance

Order in the Library

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Daily Tasks and Reflection

Technology Instructional Guides

Creative Commons and Public Domain Images
Stock Exchange

Free stock photos.  Thousands of free images.  While many of the picturs are free some of the images do require written permission first.

Flickr: The Commons

A great feature from the popular photo sharing site Flickr where institutes such as The Library of Congress, Powerhouse Museum, Brooklyn Museum, Smithsonian Institution, and various users can post and share images that have no known copyright restrictions.

Microsoft Office Free Images and Clipart

Offers thousands of royalty free pictures and even clipart that are available for all users.


Location of high resolution digital stock photography.  Offers thousands of free images almost all that have no restrictions or agreements attached.  The site requires no login to download the high quality files.

U.S. Government Graphics and Photos

This site links to other U.S. government sites containing hundreds of thousands of free and public domain images linking to image categories such as Air Force, forests, animals, Army, birds, Coast Guard, crops, fish, fire, fruits, geology, Indians, lab research, mammals, money, mountains, NASA, Navy, parks, plants, Presidents, space storms, veggies, volcano's, war, wildlife, and much more.

Stock Vault

Contains thousands of free stock photos in a large variety of categories.

PD Photo

A great collection of thousands of free public domain pictures.  This site contains one of the best collections of travel pictures from around the world.

Liam's pictures from Old Books

A good collection of original pictures from old books that are no longer copyrighted and considered public domain.  Great place to find obscure and unique pictures and illustrations.


California State University product that contains over 60,000 images from around the world that can be used freely for non-profit and educational use.

Photos 8

A resource for digital images.  The range of more than 15,000 images cover subjects from animals to travel to flowers to sky, and more.


Free database of professional photography.  Contains a subject-oriented index with categories of people, cities, nature, objects, the Holy Land, and a set of PowerPoint templates.

Pics 4 Learning

Provides subject access to more than 28,000 copyright friendly images donated by photographers.

Creative Commons Image Search

Creative Commons Image Search provides access to images housed at Flickr, Fotpedia, and other resources.  The ability to search for items that can be used in student creations is the true plus of this site.


On Pixabay you may find and share images free of copyrights. All pictures are published under Creative Commons Public Domain deed CC0.

Student Wish List
Student Wish List

Blind Date

Connected Culture Commonsense Information Skills Units
Chart It

411 For Creators

All Students
Destiny Online Catalog

Research Skills
Website Evaluation

Big6 Research Process

7th Grade Research Pathfinder

Teacher Library Use
Destiny Online Catalog

Teacher and Librarian Collaboration

Library Usage/Reservation

Technology Instructional Guides

American Library Association

Library of Congress

Onslow County School's Destiny Homepage

Onslow County Public Library

Public Schools of North Carolina

Follett Library Resources

NC Wiseowl

Scholastic Books

Daily Web Sites
This Day in History
This Web site from A&E Television Networks' History Channel's offers a video that presents the lead stories for the day and links to other happenings on that date.

This Day in History
Lists of the day's past events with links to articles within the Infoplease.

dMarie Time Capsule
The user enters a specific date and can click on either Quick Page for a generic time capsule or Advanced Page to actually find and enter your own headlines, birthdays, songs, toys, television shows, ect. that were popular on this date in history.

Photo of the Day
One "Photo of the Day" is selected by the editors of National Geographic from their extensive media collections.

Photos [Weather Channel]
Spectacular and amazing pictures of current weather activities on a daily basis.

Picture of the Day presents a daily history-related picture.

Wikipedia: Picture of the Day
The Featured Pictures section highlights "images that the Wikipedia community finds beautiful, stunning, impressive, or informative.  Featured pictures are the visual equivalent to featured articles."  All are either in the public domain or are covered by a free license.

Poetry 180
This site has a daily poem for a 180-day school year from the Library of Congress.  It encourages a poem be read each day to all high school students.

Poetry Daily
Poetry Daily is an anthology of contemporary poetry.  Each day, the reader is brought a new poem from new books, magazines, and journals.  In addition to the daily poem, there are also a Featured Poet and a Featured Journal.

Today's GeoBee Challenge Quiz
From National Geographic, this Web site offers "easy" questions for Apprentices and harder questions for Experts.

The Official SAT Question of the Day
The questions offered on this site cover all areas of the SAT exam.  They are not easy!  You can click on Hint for help, but they're still not easy.  You can also find out what percentage of respondents got it correct.

Daily Quiz
The Weider history Group, publisher of ten history magazines provides a daily history question.

Who's Who and What's What - See What You Know
Each question at this site relates to an article published on The New York Times on the Web on that day's date.

Science Q & A
Tip:  Turn on the Knowledge Tools which provides links to words and place names in the Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary and the Merriam-Webster's Atlas.

On the Web since 1998 and with over 26,000 quotations, the Web site picks a daily theme and then lists five or six quotes to match.

Daily and Random
Daily quote Web sites are available for almost any subject or topic.
Subtitled "Find famous quotes, fast," this is a great source of quotations.

Quotes of the Day

Motivational Quotes of the Day


Merriam-Webster's Word of the Day

Oxford English Dictionary - Word of the Day

Today's Word of the Day

The TRAVLANG Word of the Day

Word of the Day

Fact Monster from Information Please
Fact Monster from Information Please offers multiple daily features.  Check out the following listed on the right side of the home page:  Quiz of the Day, U.S. Flag Quiz, Monster's Poll, What Does It Mean? Analogy of the Day, Spelling Bee, Today in History, and Today's Birthday.

The Old Farmer's Almanac
Scroll down the home page of The Old Farmer's Almanac to find Today in History, Today in Weather History, Advice of the Day, Puzzle of the Day, Question of the Day, Gardening Question of the Day, Word of the Day, and Birthday Lore of the Day.

Craft of the Day

NPR: Story of the Day Podcast
The NPR Web site offers "Funny, moving, exceptional, or just offbeat - the NPR story people will be talking about tomorrow.  The best Morning Edition, All Things Considered, and other award-winning NPR programs,"  Stories are generally around five minutes long.

Pet of the Day
Features a new pet story and photo.  It also features a Dog of the Day and Cat of the Day and provides links to other pet-related Web sites.

Recipe of the Day
Recipes provided by the American Diabetes Association. Site of the Day

RefDesk Thought of the Day Archive

Song of the Day
NPR Music can expose you to a wide range of music from today's newcomers to rock-and-roll, from instrumental to vocals, and from jazz to classical.  Read about the artists while listening to their music.

Today's Fun Fact
Factropolis, the obscure trivia authority, is "an association of teachers, historians, scientists, and researchers dedicated to eliminating the gaps in public knowledge."

Vital Speeches of the Day
Vital Speeches of the Day continues to offer "the student of public speaking examples of effective speeches by those who have attained leadership in the fields of business, politics, education, government, and more."  The Web site makes available selected speeches, both text and audio, at no cost as the Speech of the Month.

VSL: Very Short List
Very Short List is "a collection of distinct, free, daily e-mails that each recommend one must-see gem a day."  Each weekday since 2006, this Web site has recommended "a single gem from the vast mass of films, TV shows, books, Web sites, music, and more.  The focus is on products that deserve attention but haven't already been subject to giant media pile-ons.